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So when I was setting up a VLC remote on my Android the VLC GUI decided to commit suicide, and when I launched through Terminal it said:

error: no suitable interface

and a lot of other errors.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and VLC’s path to the config file was a lie.

the solution:

vlc –reset-config –reset-plugins-cache

essentially reset VLC

works fine now



It is a beefy miracle.

As one can infer from the name of this blog, I’m far from the best at linux, and have started getting into it about 2 months ago; however, I have a blog and will now shout my opinions of everything. Fedora 17 is awesome. It’s the first Red Hat based Linux OS I’ve ever used, so things like YUM took a little getting used to, but it’s running far more smoothly and efficiently than Debian based distros I’ve used previously (Ubuntu, Mint, Backtrack). Furthermore, it is the only Linux-based OS to recognize my dual monitor system without an hour of installing drivers and messing with xorg.conf. Gnome runs great on it, without the lag and glitchiness I got from Mint 11 & 12. I haven’t tried anything fancy like Compiz Fusion yet, but so far Ubuntu is the only OS that could run it, and it couldn’t for very long. Looks like wobbly-windows are a dream differed.

I installed just in time for a faulty Google Chrome update, so after working that out and fixing the flash player (see previous post if you had this issue, despite Google saying the right flash player comes installed) web browsing is going well. A lot more software came pre-installed than I expected, as the “condiments” were one the primary goals of this release, even Minesweeper was included (yet Gimp strangely was not). The backup system included is also very convenient.

I’m not the person you really want ask about which distribution you should choose, specific and technical aspects of Linux Fedora 17, or really anything about Linux as I am a Linux Super Noob. Just know that this Linux Super Noob is enjoying Fedora for casual, everyday use.


I just upgraded to Fedora 17, and I’m loving it; however, like any distro I tried to Chrome on, the flash player wouldn’t work.

so after hours of searching the internet for a solution, I got one:

Chrome runs on the flash plugins for Firefox, so simply download this: (pick .tar.gz for linux)

extract it wherever, then navigate to the folder and type the following in terminal:

cp ~/.mozilla/plugins/

 then restart chrome, and you should be done! ❤

some other issues with it are not having flash or java enabled in the settings, so go

Wrench menu > settings > search Flash > check the box that says always let sites run flash

the last wording wasn’t exact, but I’m sure you’ll find it

Happy linuxing