I was a bit weary on upgrading via Fedup as opposed to a physical disc, but with the exception of having to reinstall Google Chrome, the installation went smoothly. The first features to stand out were in the GUI (I run Gnome):

-There is no longer an apps drawer option at the top; these is now a button to reach the apps drawer at the bottom of the favorites pane

-apps drawer has category labels along right side, which when clicked will filter the list

-New icons for file explorer, look simplistic and elegant. I want to say they look Windows 8-ish, but they are more elegant and 3d-ish

I will follow up with a longer, more in-depth post after I’ve used F18 for longer and for more purposes, but tentatively it’s looking great!

I am down with the spherical cow (will also learn the story behind that name)

-Intentional or not, scrolling feels much smoother