FreeBSD server is up!

just took a computer from the back room my parents haven’t turned on in years and turned it into a fully functioning ftp and ssh server with FreeBSD.

I had some issues with the CD drive and biostar motherboard not liking each other, but after installation all is well. Network and graphics card drivers worked out of the box, so all is well. (I know this isn’t GNU/Linux, but FreeBSD is similar in both license and structure so I feel it’s ok to blog about on here).

I would definitely advise taking that old PC you haven’t used since Windows ME and installing FreeBSD, if nothing else just to have a guinea pig for learning about UNIX-based operating systems on. You could also use it as a personal VPN, extra firewall, or package filtration machine since it was just sitting around anyway. The community is helpful, and all is well-documented, so even for a new user it’s not hard to get into!