I know we can’t have the ’00s internet forever, but it is sad to watch beloved sites falling one by one:

Myspace lost fame and is now only used for band advertising

Facebook is overrun by ads, and is primarily used for sharing outdated memes

4chan is now where teenagers go to feel empowered by “Anonymous”

Digg is just dead

IRC is where Linux gurus go to show off

Google plus is a dream deferred

R.I.P. Megauploads

Tumblr’s for girls fawning over British actors and Feminists ranting to themselves

cheezburger/memebase is where memes go to die

Should I expect more to keep falling? Will newer sites spring up to replace them?

I’ve been looking for smaller, more intellectual communities interested in coding and/or hacking (by the reclaimed definition) and/or anything computer science related, any ideas?

Reddit seems to have survived, and things like PBS’s ideachannel give me hope