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Will be working on my first programming project this summer… a game! A few of my friends and I plan to make an open-source indie game for all platforms. Will update with info as planning commences.


Code for America

The Peace Corps now have a “geek” division, where students and developers can design web pages and write programs for charity. No degree or certification necessary, just skill!

Although my friend insists Ruby is better, I feel Python was a good choice of language to learn over this summer. I do not yet feel comfortable enough with it to write formal tutorials, but I will provide links to the tutorials I have used thus far, to hopefully make it easier.

There are currently 2 versions of Python: version 2.x, and version 3.x. Version 3 is NOT backward compatible. Most of the world has not yet migrated from version 2.x, so I would learn version 2.x, then adjust to 3.x once more developers have formally adopted it.

Best tutorial for first learning:

Following this guide, all that remains is getting comfortable and familiar with various modules. This is the phase I am currently in. For GUI, I am looking through this guide as I type:

Qt is a cross-platform GUI library, so I felt it would be a good first choice; however, users on Freenode (#Python) suggested trying various other GUI toolkits, as they “all suck a little bit”.

Will add more as I learn.

Trying Fedora 19 Alpha here in a few minutes…. will write review soon!

Finally stopped procrastinating and started learning python. I am not yet informed enough to produce a tutorial, but I will write about using python as a shell once I am familiar enough with it.

Dragonfly BSD 3.4 was just released, and has DPorts, an aptitude-like package manager using FreeBSD’s ports as a base.

I may try it.