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As promised, my overall Debian 7.0.0 “Wheezy” review.

I have spent the last 3 years settling on a Linux distro, and I think Debian is the one. Although I liked Mint and Ubuntu’s broad software support, I was quickly repelled by their lack of customization ability, and general “fatness”. I then migrated to the redhat based distros, but didn’t like openSUSE and left Fedora because of the faulty sleep mode and power issues. Arch could’ve been the one, but software support was sparse, and I had some serious python issues. Anywhere further to the “conservative south” of Unix-based operating systems was simply too inconvenient to be used within reason (Slackware, Gentoo, FreeBSD, etc). Debian ultimately came out on top as it was both reasonably lightweight, and had aptitude for software support.

I took a few install discs to get Debian working, but I believe that was more the fault of my CD burner than the install ISOs. I had tried Debian previously, but was repelled by the childish and inconvenient interface of KDE, and did not know how to change out desktop environments. However, I now have Debian running with gnome 3, and am satisfied with the interface.

My favorite aspect of Debian is the package manager, Aptitude. I still prefer Arch Linux’s package manager, Pacman, but Aptitude currently has a drastically wider range of software due to the success Ubuntu, which began life as a Debian fork. A few repetitions “apt-get install -f” are sometimes necessary when installing software from .deb packages, but for the most part installation hasn’t been a problem. Unfortunately, Valve’s Steam network will not work on Debian as some of its dependencies are proprietary to Ubuntu. The only distros aside from Ubuntu I have seen Steam work on are Fedora and Arch Linux, although the Fedora package has since vanished.

I have yet to reach the expert level in knowledge of OS development, but I feel confident saying Debian is much more lightweight than Mint or Ubuntu, as it does not focus nearly as much on user friendliness and looking pretty (in my humble opinion, plain gnome looks better anyway). It is also the second fastest-booting OS I’ve used with gnome 3, bested only by Arch Linux.

Overall, due to its lightweight nature, and vast software support, Debian is tentatively “the one.”

please leave any opinions, recommendations, questions, or answers in the comments.


Debian fun facts:

Releases are codenamed after characters from the movie Toy Story

The name Debian is a concatenation of one of the developer’s name, Ian Murdock, and his girlfriend’s name, Debra Lynn.


for Debian based distros, I’m not sure if APT is an abbreviation for Aptitude, or an acronym for “Advanced Packaging Tool”.

I’ve heard both, but this will drive me nuts for eternity if I can’t find an answer

To Debian, or not to Debian? That is the question