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Facing the over-abundance of corporate involvement in social media, I’ve been thinking, what if we could make a free social network? And by free, I mean more than it being $0 to join, I mean a community of volunteer programmers and server administrators erect a social network that is free of advertisement, survey, monitoring, or anything other than what the network is intended to do. If it is web based, it should be maintained by volunteers, if it is downloadable software, it should be free, and open-source.

I imagine it functioning much like the GNU/Linux project, run primarily by volunteers, and funded by donors and interest groups willing to invest in cyber freedom. I, personally, would be more than willing to take my other PC, install FreeBSD and a terabyte hard drive, and get to work.


Concerning Graph Search

I am beyond concerned about Facebook graph search… I have been tempted to leave Facebook numerous times already for similar corporate invasion of social media, but always was forced back because no one else feels like migrating.

I understand that corporations need information for advertising, but this is getting a bit ridiculous. This information needs to come from more voluntary sources like surveys or product registration, as the majority of Facebook users are less than likely to read the fine print before agreeing to update after update of their privacy policies.

I feel like GNU or FSF should sponsor a “free” social network, which could be funded by donations and contribution, much like GNU/Linux operating systems, where our expression and interaction will not be exploited for personal gain, or that very least be honest about doing so. Perhaps an incarnation of IRC with a GUI more oriented toward less experienced users?