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Code for America

The Peace Corps now have a “geek” division, where students and developers can design web pages and write programs for charity. No degree or certification necessary, just skill!


Finally stopped procrastinating and started learning python. I am not yet informed enough to produce a tutorial, but I will write about using python as a shell once I am familiar enough with it.

Vi or Emacs is an essential for those planning to use GNU/Linux or BSD for any length of time.

I used to think otherwise, but Vi has just such amazing commands, like movement between corresponding parenthesis, on-the-fly macros, and just more efficient control in general.

The “awkward” goes away instantly if you just pretend “command mode” is the same as holding down the CTRL key.

this is the best guide I’ve seen on Vi:

for Debian based distros, I’m not sure if APT is an abbreviation for Aptitude, or an acronym for “Advanced Packaging Tool”.

I’ve heard both, but this will drive me nuts for eternity if I can’t find an answer